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John Utaka is a professional Nigerian football player, who currently plays for Montpellier of the Ligue 1 and the Nigerian national team.

The John Utaka foundation is dedicated to helping educate and empower the youth of today within marginalised communities for a better tommorrow.

He began in Enugu, a coal-mining town in Eastern Nigeria.

"We had two stones for goalposts and played four against four. Sometimes something sharp would cut your feet, but we played through our wounds, didn't even think about them. We just loved to play." He went on to play for the University of Nigeria teaching hospital team and through God's blessing and hard work he is where he is now.

John's humble beginnings make him realize the importance of education and support in a child's life.The foundation truly represents John's belief in helping and empowering the youth of today for a better tomorrow.
We operate at all times to the highest standards of integrity and transparency.




” improving Lives of Children and Youth in Africa. ”



Collaborate with Partners?Donors to generate resources (focusing on education and health care) and promote Household Economic Strengthening of Children and Youths in Africa..

We have also set aside our Aims as :

1. John Utaka Foundation: Provides(/facilitates) all forms of Educational assistance.

2. Provides(/faciitates) Health care support.

3. Assist Children and Youth in developing their vocational skills

4. Provides support aimed at (economic strengthening) helping them discover their strength and Potential.